Lead Analytics
For Healthcare & Dental Practices

Track your marketing efforts, staff performance, reasons patients AREN'T booking, and much much more. Liine is healthcare's #1 platform for lead tracking, marketing analytics, and automated lead follow-up.
All with ZERO manual data entry.


More effective

Practices are 76% more effective at acquiring new patients, and book 3x as many web leads.


More efficient

Staff members report being 2X more efficient at handling new patient leads.


Satisfaction score

Our customers give us a 9.8 out of 10 when asked: “How likely would you recommend Liine to other practices?”

Stop guessing. Get more patients.

What is my true conversion rate?

Liine automatically knows which interactions are new patient leads, and which ones booked an appointment.

Why aren't new patients booking appointments?

Uncover the scheduling issues and other missed opportunities that are costing you revenue.

What marketing channel brought each lead?

View the marketing source for individual leads or view aggregate marketing analytics in your dashboard.

How are my staff performing?

See conversion rates for each staff member, or report on their “reasons not booked” to identify outliers for potential training issues.

How many new patient calls am I missing during business hours?

Liine tracks the number of new patient calls that reach your voicemail (even if they do not leave a message). A minor schedule adjustment or an additional phone could have a huge impact on revenue.

Automated lead follow-up.

Auto-Call Web Leads

Liine transforms your web leads into a phone call connection within seconds. On average, Liine customers convert 3x as many web leads into appointments. 

Contacted and non-contacted leads are all automatically tracked and updated by Liine, so you never have to do enter any data – just answer the phones like always!

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