Simplify AND Improve Your

Patient Acquisition

Liine makes it easy to unlock additional new patient revenue and book more patients. Automatically capture accurate data and outcomes for every new patient call and web form.

Liine is the only platform able to uncover your true booking rates, staff performance, marketing attribution, reasons NOT booked, treatments requested, and much more. All with ZERO data entry. 

Advanced Insights Into Every Call & Form

Complete Data

The only patient acquisition platform that knows what happens on EVERY new patient phone call with NO manual data entry.

Reliably Accurate

Other patient acquisition platforms rely on guesswork based on call duration or word recognition which can be wildly inaccurate. Liine actually knows!

Call Recordings & Transcripts

Want to hear why one staff member outperforms others? Curious to hear how patients object to prices? Easily review the specific calls that match your criteria.

Healthcare-Specific Analytics

Data That Drives Revenue

Uncover your true booking rates, staff performance, treatment's requested, reasons patients DON'T book, and much more.

Marketing Attribution

Optimize your marketing efforts by automatically tracking the source of every new patient call and form. Liine tracks digital sources as well as offline channels like radio or billboards.

New Patient Metrics

Liine is the only patient acquisition platform that accurately distinguishes new patient calls from all others. Uncover the insights that actually matter for new patient acquisition.

Automated Speed-To-Lead

Instant Lead Outreach

Liine immediately transforms web forms into an inbound call for your staff. No more monitoring an inbox for leads that have already moved on.

Book More Patients

Connecting with web leads within 5 minutes is proven to be 31x more effective than waiting 30 minutes.

Automatic Tracking

No more spreadsheets! Liine knows which leads you still haven't connected with, as well as the outcomes for those you have.

Let's Talk

Contact us today and we’ll show you how Liine will book you more new patients. All inquiries will receive a prompt response! 

Or, give us a call at (919) 890-0999.

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