Supercharge Your
Patient Acquisition

Effortlessly capture the insights you need to grow new patient revenues. Automatically track 100% of new patient calls, web forms, and online bookings with detailed analytics and automated follow-up.
All with ZERO manual data entry.

Stop Guessing. Book More Patients.

Automatic Lead Capture

Liine knows what happens on every new patient phone call with NO manual data entry. Capture accurate and comprehensive lead information, including call recordings and transcripts.

Uncover Revenue Opportunities

Uncover the marketing and operational insights that other CRMs cannot accurately capture. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports report metrics such as:

Automated Follow-Up And Speed-To-Lead

Liine can automatically connect your staff with web form inquiries in under 30 seconds, increasing booking rates up to 9x.

If you’re still working out of spreadsheets or monitoring an email inbox, you’re losing new patients.

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