How To Convert More Calls & Forms

Proven, simple & effective strategies to help you schedule more new patient consultations.
3/26/20 at 2:00 PM EDT

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With Charlie Winn

Chief Revenue Officer @ Liine
Charlie is a seasoned sales executive with extensive experience as a healthcare business consultant. His major area of expertise is new patient lead management and conversion. As a co-founder of Liine, Charlie has personally analyzed over 10,000 hours of new patient lead phone conversations and trained hundreds of staff members in best practices.

How much is one patient worth to your practice? Did you know the average practice converts less than 50% of new patient leads (calls & forms)?

Most practices are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year due to inefficient and ineffective management of new patient leads. Liine has worked with hundreds of practices and analyzed over 250,000 new patient conversations to develop the winning strategy for managing calls and webforms.

This free webinar will share this strategy and other insights to GROW YOUR PRACTICE.

What you’ll learn:

  • The most common mistakes practices make that lead to lost new patient revenue
  • A proven call script that converts more new patient leads to scheduled consultations
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  • How to leverage new patient lead data to grow your business

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