Meet Liine, the AI-powered call recording and automation platform for growth-focused healthcare practices
X-ray vision for 100% of new patient calls
Web form management with lightning-fast follow up
Fully automated marketing and funnel analytics
Today's fastest growing practices are getting on Liine

Stop guessing and start growing, faster

X-ray vision for
new patient calls

call recording analytics

Effortless web form management and follow up

Automated marketing and funnel analytics


More effective

Practices are 76% more effective at scheduling relevant new patient opportunities


More efficient

Staff members report being 2X more efficient at handling new patient leads


Satisfaction score

Our customers give us a 9.8 out of 10 when asked: “How likely would you recommend Liine to other practices?”

Who we serve

Independent Practices

Private Equity Rollups

Marketing Agencies‚Äč

Love for Liine

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