Meet Liine, the AI-powered call recording and automation platform for growth-focused healthcare practices.

X-ray vision for 100% of new patient calls, forms, and online bookings
Web form management with lightning-fast follow up
Fully automated marketing and funnel analytics
Today's fastest growing practices are getting on Liine

HIPAA-Compliant Marketing Analytics

Liine seamlessly integrates into your existing phone system and marketing technologies. With zero data entry, Liine captures marketing attribution for EVERY new patient call, web form, and online booking. 

Stop guessing and start growing, faster

X-ray vision for
new patient calls

Effortless web form management and follow up

Automated marketing and funnel analytics


More effective

Practices are 76% more effective at scheduling relevant new patient opportunities


More efficient

Staff members report being 2X more efficient at handling new patient leads


Satisfaction score

Our customers give us a 9.8 out of 10 when asked: “How likely would you recommend Liine to other practices?”

Who we serve

Independent Practices

Private Equity Rollups

Marketing Agencies

Love for Liine

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