Healthcare Marketing
Benchmark Report

Q3 2023 Edition

Which marketing channels are most effective for specialty healthcare practices? How many new patient inquiries actually convert into appointments? Liine collected comprehensive data from hundreds of thousands of new patient inquiries in order to answer these questions - and many more!

Included In This Report:

  • Marketing Channels by Lead Volume
  • Marketing Channels by Effectiveness
  • Lead-to-Appointment Conversion Rates
  • Individual Staff Performance
  • Top Reasons Patients DON'T Book
  • Online vs. Phone Call Lead Volume
  • Referrals vs. Marketing Sourced Lead Volume
  • Speed-to-Lead Effectiveness
  • Marketing channel lead volume
  • Marketing channel effectiveness
  • Lead-to-appointment conversion rates
  • Individual staff performance
  • Top reasons patients DON'T book
  • Web vs. phone lead volume
  • Referral vs. marketing-sourced lead volume
  • Speed-to-lead effectiveness

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