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Power your patient acquisition funnel with Liine's artificial intelligence

(No data entry required)

By the numbers

Minutes analyzed
Leads captured

Automated lead management

Turn form submissions
into inbound calls

Convert more leads

Increase your form to appointment conversion rate by 900%

Outspeed the competition

Reach hard-earned leads before they contact a competitor or lose interest

Make a great first impression

Amaze prospective patients with your office's speed of outreach by following up in minutes, not hours

Manage all online inquiries in a single, intuitive platform

Improved workflow

No more monitoring your email inbox or managing spreadsheets

More effective follow up

Customizable cadences to ensure leads don't fall through the cracks

Time-saving automation

Contacted leads are automatically removed from cadences (Liine tracks both inbound and outbound calls)


Automated new lead analytics

Leads and conversions

How many leads are you generating and how many are converting to an appointment?

Marketing attribution
Which marketing channels are working and which are wasting your money?
Web form analytics

How effectively is your practice following up with online inquires?

Reasons not booked
Why are some leads failing to book an appointment?
Answer rate

How many new lead calls are failing to be answered during business hours?

Interaction log

What are all the individual patient interactions that are informing your Liine analytics and automation?


Automated staff insights

Individual performance metrics

Praise high performers and create a culture of positive accountability

Call outcomes by team member

Identify relative strengths and weaknesses based on reasons not booked

Fully transcribed call recordings

Quickly audit call recordings by both listening and reading at the same time

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