Lead Management
Software For Healthcare & Dental Practices

Automated lead capture, status tracking, and marketing attribution for 100% of your new patient phone calls, web forms, and online bookings.

Without the right data, your practice is operating in the dark

New Patient Lead Analytics

Automatically track 100% of new patient phone calls, web form submissions, and online bookings in one place with deep analytical insights.

Reasons Not Booked

See exactly why new patients are NOT booking appointments. Catch misaligned marketing campaigns, operational issues, or staff training opportunities.

Automated Lead Follow-Up

Connect with web form inquiries in seconds, increasing booking rates by 3x. Auto-text missed connections.

Better Marketing Attribution

HIPAA-compliant marketing analytics for 100% of new patient leads. Automatically track lead-to-appointment conversion rates for each channel and/or campaign.

Staff Performance Metrics

See booking rates and reasons-not-booked for each staff member. Identify star performers as well as training opportunities.

Zero Data Entry

Liine uses advanced call & web session tracking, plus a conversational AI to accurately capture detailed insights from every new lead. Including updates from follow-up activities.


More Effective

Practices are 76% more effective at scheduling relevant new patient opportunities


More Efficient

Staff members report being 2X more efficient at handling new patient leads


Satisfaction Score

Our customers give us a 9.8 out of 10 when asked, “How likely are you to recommend Liine to other practices?”

Stop guessing and start growing, faster

Automated marketing analytics

Capture 100% of marketing funnel metrics with no data entry. Discover which channels are driving new patients AND which are actually converting to appointments. Plan your marketing efforts based off more accurate, more useful data.

Insights into staff performance

View booking rates for every staff member to identify top performers. Detailed reports such as “reasons not booked” can reveal where each staff member struggles, so you can provide effective training.

X-Ray vision for new patient calls

Like magic, Liine collects complete & accurate data for every new patient lead. Thanks to a proprietary conversational AI, Liine is even able to capture data points from within phone conversations.

Easy to use, HIPAA compliant analytics

Automatic tracking for every call

Andrea Oparnica
Regional VP Operations, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery


Additional Annual Revenue

“The amount of opportunity Liine has given us by evaluating staff performance and the patient journey has been eye-popping!”

Chris Adkins
Chief Administrative Officer, EmergeOrtho


Additional Annual Revenue

“With these insights, we can confidently make changes to our call center operations and marketing efforts.”

Karen Albright
Owner, BodyLase


Additional Annual Revenue

“Liine has meaningfully increased our call-to-consultation rate.”

Dr. Josh Zukerman
Chapel Hill Location, Carolinas Dentist


Return On Investment

“We are able to convert leads in real-time!”

Shaila Wait
Administrator, The Eye Center


Increase In Booking Rate

“Without Liine, we would be completely blind to our new patient experience and conversion numbers.”

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Healthcare CRM Frequently Asked Questions

No, Hubspot makes it very clear that sensitive information such as PHI is not allowed on their platform.

Salesforce is actually a set of products and services, and so the answer may slightly differ for each. Much of Salesforce can be made HIPAA compliant if you reach out to a representative, sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and enable Salesforce Shield. Salesforce does have strict security and encryption that helps keep PHI secure. However, according to hipaajournal.com, it appears that the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not HIPAA compliant. 

Zoho provides features that assist customers in complying with HIPAA. Encryption on individual data fields can be toggled on, and certain sensitive data can be restricted from transfers. Zoho requires HIPAA covered entities to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Out of the box, Keap is not able to be used by HIPAA controlled entities. However, the platform can be switched to a mode with HIPAA security controls. You will need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) on how you and Keap will process and secure PHI. Even with this mode enabled, certain functionalities within Keap such as email, SMS, and VoIP are not HIPAA compliant.

Of course. Liine is purpose-built for healthcare and dental practices.

In many ways! 

In short, Liine is built to capture better, more relevant data for healthcare practices – and to reduce the workload for staff. Rather than adding another tool where staff must manually track calls and patient data, Liine works automatically as your staff answer the phones. Liine tracks every new patient across all their touchpoints, and our AI is able to capture exactly what happens on every phone call.

Traditional CRMs are built for professional sales and success teams, and are designed to work with the widest possible variety of customer types. Teams keep their CRM open, manually track interactions, and “work” deals through their lifecycle. This means healthcare practices inevitably find them overly complex to set up, maintain, and use. In fact, it is very common for companies to have dedicated administrators for these platforms.

Liine is doing quite a few things to make CRM incredibly simple for the customer. We provide detailed insights into marketing attribution, operational issues, and staff performance. We automate web form follow-up. And we do it all with zero manual data entry.

Among other things, our behind-the-scenes methodology involves number pools, dynamic number insertion, web session tracking, and a powerful speach-analytics AI. When someone calls your practice – whether it’s from a website, a digital ad, a billboard, a radio ad – session data and unique phone numbers let us know exactly where they came from. 

Through our systems, our advanced AI, and a bit of magic, we then automatically pull many data points from the phone conversation. Which staff member answered the call? Was this a new patient or not? What treatment did they request? Did they book an appointment or not. If not, why? 

In short, Liine is tracking accurate, complete data for every single interaction.