Researching CRMs For Your Healthcare Practice? Beware These 5 Pitfalls.

Researching CRMs for your healthcare practice? Beware these 5 pitfalls. Healthcare practices are increasingly integrating business software into their patient acquisition processes. Savvy practices recognize that tracking new patient interactions can unlock numerous growth opportunities. Ultimately, the practice can achieve higher booking rates and can greatly improve the growth trajectory of the practice. The practice

How To Get 3x More Patients From Web Forms With Just One Change

How To Get 3x More Patients From Web Forms With Just One Change In Liine’s most recent Healthcare Marketing Benchmark Report, we analyzed 325,000 new patient inquiries from specialty healthcare practices. We discovered that these practices are acquiring 27% of their new patient leads through web forms. But we also discovered that one operational difference

There Are Only 3 Ways To Increase New Patient Revenue, And You’re Ignoring One

There are only 3 ways to increase new patient revenue, and you’re ignoring one. Increasing new patient revenue is one of the main goals for any growth-focused healthcare or dental practice. To accomplish this there are a multitude of activities that practices engage in, however they all fall into one of three categories. See if

What Is Healthcare “Lead Management?” Why Is It So Important?

What is healthcare “Lead Management?” Why is it so important? For some, “lead management” may be a new concept, so let us quickly define a couple of terms. We’ll use the term “lead” to refer to any new patient contact that may potentially become a consult or an appointment. These leads can come from any