How To Get 3x More Patients From Web Forms With Just One Change

In Liine’s most recent Healthcare Marketing Benchmark Report, we analyzed 325,000 new patient inquiries from specialty healthcare practices. We discovered that these practices are acquiring 27% of their new patient leads through web forms. But we also discovered that one operational difference distinguished certain practices which converted nearly 3x as many web leads into booked appointments.

Let’s cut to the chase – the secret ingredient is “speed-to-lead”. According to a 2021 study by, contacting an inbound lead within 5 minutes increases conversion rates by 8x. In other words, calling every web form inquiry within 5 minutes would theoretically result in 8x as many booked appointments.

Liine found somewhat similar results in our benchmark report analysis. Liine compared practices who used a web form “autocall” against those who did not. The autocall is a system that will immediately place an inbound phone call to the practice for any new web lead. With one button press, the staff can then tell the autocall system to immediately call that web lead.

And so, autocalls can connect staff with a web lead within seconds, but only during business hours and only if the team member accepts the call. Nevertheless, practices using the autocall booked appointments for 55% of their web leads, while practices without only booked 19%.

Are we saying that you need an autocall system? Well, no, that is not the point of this post. Although, as a core part of Liine’s platform we are certainly biased towards autocalls, ha. The takeaway here is that if you can effectively respond to most web forms in under 5 minutes, you can realistically expect to book 3-8x as many appointments. If you’re sending web forms to an email inbox, you’ve already lost. This is a no-judgement zone. But. We know. We know….